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The World's Largest District
The District banner with the awards hangs next the World's Largest District banner.
Governor Sue Shoemake gives out Governor's Pins at the Fall District Meeting.
Victory Junction Gang
Kyle Petty receives the NC District West commitment for monetary support for Victory Junction Gang Camp from Immediate past Governor Larry Wilson, Governor Sue Shoemake, and Past Governor Curtis Farlow.
Junior Civitan Can Do Project
The Junior Civitans of District West collect can goods from the Senior Clubs, from school, and from businesses. The build a sculpture from the cans - this year there were 5000 cans contributed. The can goods are donated to local food charities.
International Awards
The Silver Valley Club shows off their International Awards for their oncoming projects, such as Project Santa which helps provide presents and food for indigent families and individuals. The club has continuously won recognition by Civitan International.
Top Club
Joe Harrell, the 2002-2003 President of the Faith Club, accepts the Award for the Top Club in NC District West at the District Convention in Hickory, NC.
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